7 Interior Design Quotes From the Best Architects and Designers

Are you planning on redesigning your home or room in your home soon? If so, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been looking around for some inspiration. Designing a home is an exciting and fun time.

You get to bring your own ideas and personality into the home, truly making it your own. But if you’re not a professional architect or interior designer, creating the space of your dreams could be harder than you think. Having an idea in mind is a start, but you’ll need to bring that idea to life to get the results you need.

To help you throughout your journey, there are several inspiring interior design quotes by the best architects and interior designers that can can help spark your creativity. Check out our list of designing quotes below to kickstart your interior design journey!

1. Interior Design Is The Process Of Discovery

“We do not create the work. I believe we, in fact, are discovers.” -Glenn Murcutt

Glenn Murcutt is an architect from Australia who has received two medals for his achievements in architecture. From this quote, you can see how passionate Murcutt is about his “discoveries.” How true is this?

How many times have you begun an interior design project with one thing in mind, only to discover that a different idea worked out better in the end? Without beginning the creation, you would have never discovered your final result. So, considering that, you shouldn’t feel obligated to make the end result of an idea be exactly as you originally imagined it.

Sometimes, it’s not until you’re halfway through that you discover what you really want or need out of a design.

2. Inspire Others With Your Design

“Design is a tool that allows us to reach out and inspire, to touch others and help make lives magic and wonderful.” -Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is a Dutch designer who’s best known for Knotted Chair design. He’s also the co-founder of a design label and the leader of a design firm filled with talented interior designers. From reading this quote, you can see how dedicated he is to making people happy with his creations.

Allow yourself to be inspired by different designs and then find something that’ll bring you happiness and magic in your home.

3. Finding Balance In Your Design

“For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.” -Andrée Putman

Andrée Putman was a French interior designer and product designer. This designer’s quote tells us how important balance was to Putman. This is something that you might hear often when designing a room or home: everything needs balance.

You want your home to flow well and have a balance throughout it. So this idea applies to the rooms in the house as a whole, as well as to the items in a given room.

4. The Necessary Element Of Interior Design

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris

William Morris was a leading figure in the British Arts and Crafts movement. He’s most known for creating prints for textiles and wallpapers. The wisdom of this quote is the importance of simplicity and function in interior design.

If you’re not sure that some feature goes well in your overall design, keep in mind that anything that’s not useful to you or beautiful should not be there. It’s that simple. Find beautiful things that you love to look at, or love to use, to create a space that you’ll enjoy for years.

5. Taking Design Cues From The Past

“Designers and people, in general, are too attracted by ‘new’, but nothing ages more quickly than ‘newness’. All my objects reflect [a] marriage between past and present.” -Marcel Wanders

Here’s another wonderful quote from Marcel Wanders. How true it is: novelty is a one trick pony that can get old fast. When designing your home, be sure to keep a (not necessarily equal) balance between the old and the new.

6. A Quote on Timeless Design

“A designer has a duty to create timeless design. To be timeless you have to think really far into the future, not next year, not in two years but in 20 years minimum.” -Phillip Starck

Phillip Starck is a French designer who’s been designing all different types of buildings across the world. This designers’ quotes display a concern for designing with the future in mind to create enduring value.

A timeless design is one that you won’t have to worry about redesigning in the years to come. Find pieces that will work for you not just now, but into the future as well.

7. Details Make The Product

“Details are not details; they make the product.” -Charles Eames

Charles Eames was a German-born American architect who is best known for his forward-looking designs and his modern architecture. This quote prompts us to consider that details, far from being irrelevant, come together to create the thing as a whole.

This is why it’s so important to pay attention to the details, which can ruin your creation if poorly considered or executed.

Let These Interior Design Quotes Inspire You!

If you’re wanting to redesign a space in your home, then let these interior design quotes inspire you! These quotes from some of the best, most famous architects and interior designers are sure to help you throughout your interior designing adventures.

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