5 of the Best Interior Design Magazines to Read

How we decorate our homes says a lot about who we are. It shows how we present ourselves, our interests, and how we make a space our own.

According to the New York School of Interior Design, interior design is a powerful part of our lives. It affects the way we live, work, and relax. Good interior design makes a space aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, and functional.

You can learn how to design your home or office by reading the best interior design magazines. Interior design magazines offer expert advice on the latest trends, decor, and room layouts. Learn how to create more space, decorate like a pro, and make every room warm and welcoming.

Do you want to improve the space around you? These five of the best interior design magazines will help teach and inspire you.

Why is Interior Design Important?

Your living room, bedroom, and kitchen all serve different purposes. How you decorate and layout the room should reflect that purpose.

Cluttered and poorly designed rooms can add to stress and anxiety. By redesigning a room, you can make it become an efficient space that makes you feel at ease — an important goal of a bedroom or living room design.

Do you have a home office? People who work from home often struggle with distractions or find it hard to concentrate. Redesigning your home office to minimize distractions and promote motivation can improve your workflow.

It may seem daunting to redesign a room on your own, especially if you don’t know where to start or how to do it. Fortunately, there are many resources that can help you explore interior design ideas. Reading the best interior design magazines can provide you with professional advice.

The 5 Best Interior Design Magazines

Do you want to get the insider’s scoop on quality interior design? The following are 5 of the best interior design magazines that will teach and inspire you with creative interior design ideas.

1. Interior Design

At 80 years old, Interior Design is one of the oldest interior design magazines. It’s one of the industry-leading publications, widely read by professionals and students in the field.

Each monthly issue explores different and unique interior projects and new products. It covers the latest industry news keeping readers in-the-loop about trends, innovations, and more.

The magazine covers interior design used in eco-friendly and historic homes. Learn about design innovation and today’s biggest influences in design. Interior Design also dives into the design trends and ideas for businesses and cafes.

This well-respected magazine offers expert advice and insights into today’s interior design trends. It’s one of the best interior design magazines for professionals and those who want to learn about high-quality interior design.


The American Society of Interior Design (ASID) publishes this compelling interior designers magazine. Interior design experts, idealists, and leaders write informative articles for this publication. Readers get valuable interior design advice straight from industry experts.

The magazine covers trends, best practices, and issues in the interior design field. You can learn how interior designers research how interior design affects the human experience and why designs work the way they do.

You’ll find articles in this magazine about interior design trends and principles. It covers work in conservation and sustainability in both residential homes and businesses. This publication puts a focus on the connection between human experience and good interior design.

Its goal is to share inspiration and guidance to industry professionals. It also connects and keeps design professionals informed on the latest news and events. According to ASID, over 60% of America’s design firms receive ICON magazine.

While this interior design magazine caters to industry professionals, you don’t need to be a professional to find value in the information it offers. Anyone who has an appreciation for human-centric design will find this publication valuable.

3. Architectural Digest

Considered as “The International Design Authority,” on architecture and design, Architectural Digest is an industry-leading magazine that is published bi-monthly. Architectural Digest focuses on interior design and landscaping, rather than just building architecture.

Today Architectural Digest prints 9 international publications (which may help explain why they are referred to as the International Design Authority). Subscribers can access the digital version to view inspirational photos, videos, and interactive floor plans. You’ll learn about high-end and celebrity design as well.

The magazine caters to wealthy and style-conscious readers. However, it still offers plenty of valuable information for design students and enthusiasts. It covers the importance of human experience and how design affects the way we live.

Throughout its pages, you’ll learn about innovative design and get inspired with the best decorating ideas. The magazine touches on how arts, culture, and travel impact the design process. You may also subscribe to its online newsletter to receive updates via email.

Every year, the magazine lists the industry’s most influential architects and interior designers from around the world. If you’re looking for an interior design magazine with an emphasis on culture, this is the one for you.

4. Design Milk

Are you interested in today’s modern design? If so, Design Milk is a interior design magazine dedicated to the newest innovations and trends in modern interior design. Design Milk’s mission is to make good design accessible to everyone.

Design Milk is an online publication that posts around 13 articles each week. The site has an e-commerce section where readers can shop for quality art, furniture, decor, and other products.

Every article shares design news, innovative products, and influences in today’s modern design. Articles range from architecture and minimalist design to travel inspiration and product reviews to provide you with plenty of inspiration and help you live the luxury lifestyle you deserve.

Design Milk is a fun lifestyle magazine that shows you how broad reaching and interconnected interior design and the arts are in the world.

5. Wallpaper

One of the world’s most influential design publications is Wallpaper magazine. This London-based publication began in 1996, focusing on interior design and architecture.

The magazine published monthly and covers the latest news in interior design along with today’s trends, best practices, and inspiration. Learn how interior design connects to other lifestyle industries such as arts, culture, and travel.

In 2004, Wallpaper launched its website where you can find many more lifestyle and design articles. It now features an e-commerce site where readers can shop for the furniture, jewelry, and decor featured in the magazine.

Learn From the Best

Whether you’re an interior design professional, student, or enthusiast, there’s a lot to learn about interior design. Reading the best interior design magazines will keep you up-to-date on the latest design trends. You’re sure to continue improving your interior design skills.

Want to learn more? Start a discussion in the comments section below with any questions you have. We’re happy to help find you the design resources and interior design magazines you need, or hear your own suggestions.