The Top 9 Interior Design Blogs You Should Be Following

If your interested or involved in the interior design world, following notable interior design blogs can be a great way to learn more and spark your own imagination.

Keep reading for a guide to our favorite interior designer blogs, some of the awesome bloggers behind them, and why we they are some of the best interior design blogs to learn from and enjoy.

1. Coco & Kelly

A truly inspiring backstory for any interior designer or blogger, Cassandra LaValle began this blog in 2007. Since then LaValle has become one of the top bloggers, with a focus on interior design that has grown into a lifestyle blog as well. She has her own design company, Emerald Studios, based in Seattle.

Complete with tried and true DIY projects, this is a great blog to follow for any crafter looking for design ideas. The style of Coco & Kelly is midcentury modern, with a West Coast vibe. Clean lines, refined wallpapers, white walls, and neutrals are at home here on this growing blog.

2. Old Brand New

This is one of the more eclectic interior design blogs on the list and is run by the jack of all trades mastermind Dabito. Dabito fills his blog with funny and relatable content, with approachable advice and inspiration on tons of artsy topics. While the blog has a strong focus on interiors, it’s also great for photographers and graphic designers.

If you love real and vulnerable content, and easy to follow DIY projects, this is the blog of your dreams. The bright colors Dabito uses in his designs perfectly match his colorful and fun personality, which dominates his online presence.

3. Studio McGee

Syd and Shea McGee we’re a married couple running a small design firm from a spare bedroom in their home when they started their interior design blog in 2014. The duo now has thousands of followers and a successful design team with over 30 employees. The couple’s design scheme is a perfect combination of modern and farmhouse, making for some amazing results.

Along with helpful step by step home styling tips, the team also recently launched a web series that follows their exciting styling adventures and design projects.

4. Cococozy

L.A. executive, Coco launched the Cococozy blog, which she still works on after her busy day job, talk about a girl boss! This interior designer and blogger blogger works to combine interior design and fashion on her blog, staging hypothetical events to create a vibe for the photos on her blog.

Coco has recently launched her own line, where she creates textiles and decor, like throw pillows, bedding, drapery and more. As obvious in the name, her style is cozy chic, using warm colors and textures for a homey aesthetic. This is great for anyone who gets sick of the white, minimal design styles that dominate interior design today.

5. Hunted Interior

Kristen Jackson, an Atlanta based interior design blogger, began Hunted Interiors after years as a hotel interior designer. After working internationally for high paying clients, Jackson decided to dial back and pursue her calling; showing people how you can have magnificent interiors on a budget.

Our favorite part of this blog is her affordable home decorating room makeovers, where she transforms rooms using high and low decor.

6. Leanne Ford

Most people don’t realize that Leanne Ford has an awesome interior design blog. Ford’s claim to fame is from her HGTV show, “Restored by the Fords” alongside her brother, Steve. Surprisingly, Ford spills all her styling advice and secrets on her blog, including more break down descriptions of designs from the show.

Her diy project walkthroughs display her easy and cool styles, which are luxurious, yet minimal and zero fuss. Ford also posts about her fashion style, which perfectly matches her minimal interior design style.

7. DPages

If you want an interior design blog where you can shop the decor shown directly, this is the blog for you. DPages is run by a team of experienced designers who are always up to date on the latest interior design trends. We love that the site is broken down into decor types, such as lighting, wall art, and more — for easy browsing and shopping.

8. Apartment 34

This blog started when Erin Hiemstra was remodeling her condo in 2008. Hiemstra didn’t realize her blog, that was chronicling her personal first diy projects and home makeover, would take off. Today Apartment 34 is much more, a full-blown lifestyle blog following Hiemstra on her decor endeavors, into her beauty secrets, and more.

Her modern European vibe drives the blog’s branding, with warm leathers, and tons of book-filled shelves. Follow her for product recommendations for home decor ideas to die for.

9. Eyeswoon

Athena Calderone, founder of Eyeswoon is a New York-based interior designer that we want to be best friends with. Calderone’s blog is about interior design, but is also filled with advice on party planning and hosting. With amazing recipes and entertainment ideas, Eyeswoon is all about what happens at home, including home decorating.

This vintage chic designer even goes so far as to give floral arrangement tips, making sure every aspect of the home is sure to wow. As the blog’s name suggests, Calderone gives ideas, tips, and advice that will make your space swoon-worthy. Her interior style is minimal mixed with luxury for a picture-perfect, calming environment we love.

Interior Design Blogs Worth Following

If you need some serious inspiration on your next interior design endeavor or are thinking of starting an interior design blog yourself, these awesome interior design blogs can help to get the ball rolling. With these diverse interior designing blogs, there is something for everyone, no matter your preferred design style.

For more on interior design, products, practices and more, check out additional interior design articles on our blog.